SBF in brief

SBF offers direct co-ownership in Swedish residential real estate. 

SBF’s ambition is to offer individual investors, companies, and institutional investors an attractive investment alternative. By investing in SBF’s funds, you will get exposure to an investment portfolio that generates a high risk-adjusted return, with low volatility and low correlation to movements in other markets, such as the stock market.

Our properties are managed in-house from multiple local offices, which ensures high-quality property management, economies of scale, and stability. When acquiring new properties, we are happy to continue working with the existing management company so that the transition is as smooth as possible for all tenants.

  • Founded in 2003
  • Approximately SEK 5.7 billion under SBF Fonder, in two Alternative Investment Funds (AIF); SBF Bostad for individual investors and SBF Institution for institutional investors
  • The two funds have similar mandates and offer exposure to residential properties outside the major cities in Sweden
  • Manages approximately 3,700 apartments in 22 locations with near-zero vacancies
  • Has an ambitious environmental policy with quantitative energy reduction targets
  • Works actively at the local level with both leasing and property management

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For Private Investors

SBF Bostad offers direct co-ownership in Swedish rental properties in attractive growth and commuter cities in Sweden. The fund currently owns a portfolio valued around approximately SEK 2 billion and invests in markets with dynamic labour markets, well-developed road and train networks, higher education, and forecasted increased need for rental housing.

  • Target total return: 6–9% per year
  • Target cash dividend: 2–3% per year

Listed with daily liquidity and thus investable in ISK and in endowment insurance (Sw: Kapitalförsäkring)

For further information contact Michael Tiemann, Head of Private markets by e-mail: michael.tiemann [@]
or by phone + 46 723 848 290

For Professional Institutional Investors

Following the success of SBF Institution I (now fully divested at a net IRR to investors of 10%), SBF Institution II was launched in 2016 and invests its capital in residential properties in attractive growth cities across Sweden. The fund currently has a portfolio of approximately SEK 1.3 billion with just over 1,100 apartments in nine cities.

The lettable area amounts to approximately 80,000 square meters. The fund's strategy is to invest in markets with dynamic labour markets, well-developed road and train networks, higher education, and forecasted increased need for rental housing. The relatively low investment cost at below SEK 17 000/sqm means that rents are modest which results in a very low vacancy in the fund with just 0.2% of available apartments currently vacant.

  • Target total return: 7–11% per year
  • Target cash dividend: 4–5% per year
  • Semi-open ended fund with redemption option every five years
  • Strong track record at 12.2% net to investors since inception
  • Will open up for new capital injections during the autumn 2021

For further information contact Lars Graneld, Head of Institutional Sales by e-mail: lars.graneld [@]
or by phone + 46-709650724